Cost Efficiency of Listed Food and Agro-Based Firms in India Using DEA Approach

(Pages 900-908)

Md. Monzur Hossain*
Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Banking, Comilla University, Cumilla, Bangladesh


This paper uses Data Envelopment Analysis to examine the determinants of cost efficiency of selected firms from Food and Agro-based firms in India. The information has been obtained from the CMIE ProwessIQ database and compiled for this report. After that, the cost efficiency score is regressed on various criteria, such as the size of the company, return on assets, return on equity, and return on sales. According to the study's findings, the only metric needed to meet the criteria for statistical significance was the return on assets. Return on equity is adversely associated with the cost efficiency of a company. However, the firm's size and the return on sales contribute favourably to which firms are the most efficient. In contrast, return on sales has a positive relationship.


Cost Efficiency, Data Envelopment Analysis, Panel Regression.

JEL Codes:

C14, C23, D24.

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