Social and Psychological Problems and Their Relationship with Several Variables among University Students

(Pages 426-429)

Majid Khalaf Alshammari1, Mohamad Hashim Othman1, Yasmin Othman Mydin1 and Badiea Abdulkarem Mohammed2
1School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia.
2College of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Ha’il, Saudi Arabia.


This research paper focuses on unearthing psychological and social issues among students, particularly those that arise during academic learning and pursuing educational goals. Generally, depression, stress, pressure, and anxiety are students' main psychological issues (Dobson, 2012). Students who face setbacks in their academic performance, learning difficulties, a lack of educational resources, unfavorable family environments, and other factors are the leading causes of psychological and social issues among students. When students encounter these issues, they must get assistance regarding possible remedies. Moreover, they must implement the policies and initiatives correctly after receiving the guidance. This research paper has considered the following key points: major psychological problems among university students, social issues among university students, ways for university students to deal with psychological issues, and addressing social issues among university students.


Educational Institutions, Psychological Problems, Social Problems, University Students.

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