The Implementation of E-government in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era

(Pages 411-421)

Khaled Mofawiz Alfawaz*
Management Information System Department, Faculty of Economics and Administration, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


The implementation of digital government or e-government within the generation of the commercial revolution may be very powerful on day-to-day life of people. The evolution length in the direction of the “industrial revolution era 4.0” may be very exciting to deliberate. This have a look that makes use of a qualitative technique this is literature study or research. Qualitative studies are studies that provides data within the structure of descriptive facts and notes that confined the textual content under the observation. The e-government estimate at the improvement of the commercial revolution should have the excellent method to be able to reap the specified motives. The e-government plays a vital role in every citizen the respective to their nation, that is in all the nations that is in all the nations the government is implementing electronic government to improve their services and provisions provided for their citizens. Today is the era of 4th industrial revolution with new digital technologies. The major objective of the study is to learn about the implemented technologies in the fourth industrial revolution using the qualitative analysis. Here the meta synthesis approach is used for the qualitative analysis. The meta synthesis analysis is approach is defined as the coherent and approach to analyze the data through qualitative analysis. This procedure enables scholars and researchers to analyze a particular research problem. As a result of the quality team analysis the author found that there are many areas where the electronic government uses fourth industrial revolution. For example, in earlier days the government in earlier days the government was storing or keeping the data in the files and actual papers but now they have been digitalized. Due to digitalization these documents are tamper proof and secure from third parties.


E-government, Industrial revolution 4.0, Digital transformation technologies, Qualitative analysis, Meta synthesis approach.

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