An Empirical Investigation Towards Green Economy in Albania

(Pages 2880-2887)

Xhensila Sinanaj Abazi1 and Teuta Hazizi2
1Lecturer at Economics Department, Faculty of Economy, University of Elbasan “Aleksandër Xhuvani”, 3001 Albania
2Lecturer at Business Administration Department, Faculty of Economy, University of Elbasan “Aleksandër Xhuvani”, 3001 Albania


Green Economy issues have captured the attention of many scientific work in all of the dimensions of the concept and the processes associating it. Empirical evidence is shown on how the government, private sector and the consumer behavior affect the wellbeing toward green transition, what are the opportunities, the challenges, main factors on macro and micro level that indicate the pathways to greening, what is achieved and what can be done better. Even though Albania is not part of the EU, it has benefited from a lot of funds for the transition to a green economy and is part of a series of programs with the green focus and the country has made efforts in this direction. The study investigates the transition process and core principles of green economy. The aim of this paper was to assess the possible interactions of economic and environmental indicators toward green economy. Based on the regression analysis results the authors have shown significant relationship between investments, economic and environmental indicators. A significant positive interaction between investments and CO2 emissions in Albania was observed. The authors conclude that transitioning towards green economy is not an easy nor a short process and to ensure a fully green recovery, Albania must tackle a set of important challenges.


Green economy, green transition, gross capital formation, GHG emissions, pollution, Albania.

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