Mobile Data Internet Costs and E-shopping Frequency: Evidence from Seven Regions

(Pages 2867-2879)

Salwa Abdel Aziz1, Hoda Mansour2,* and Solaiman Hassan3
1Associate Professor of economics, Cairo University.
2Associate Professor of economics, University of Business and Technology.
3Associate Professor of economics, Assuit University.


Understanding the relationship between data costs and e-shopping adoption is crucial in today's digital age. Given the numerous benefits of e-shopping such as increased market access, convenience, and cost savings for both businesses and consumers, e-shopping has become an essential component of worldwide commerce and the expansion of the economy. However, access to affordable and reliable internet connectivity is essential for e-shopping to thrive. To conduct this investigation, panel data from a diverse set of countries spanning different regions is utilized. The objective of this study is to investigate the potential relationship between the cost of data over the internet and e-commerce by utilizing panel data from 100 nations across seven distinct regions. The data used in this study is sourced from the 3i-index database, which covers a period of 3, 4, or 5 consecutive years ranging from 2018 to 2022. The primary focus of this research is to examine how the price of a 1 GB prepaid mobile broadband data package influences countries level of e-shopping. By analyzing the correlation between these two variables, the study aims to shed light on the impact of data costs on e-shopping usage patterns. The study incorporates countries’ nominal GDP, aggregate population, and e-shopping safety as control variables to examine their relationship with the cost of mobile data internet and its impact on e-commerce in different regions. The results indicate a general positive association between mobile costs and e-shopping; however, results indicate a negative correlation between the cost of mobile data internet and e-shopping in the Middle East and North Africa region within a specific threshold. In contrast, results indicate a positive correlation between the two variables in North America, while no significant correlation is observed in all other regions. The study provides insightful explanations and policy implications to promote e-shopping.


E-Commerce, E-Shopping, M-Shopping, Mobile Data Cost.

JEL Classification:

L81, L86, O1.

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