Trends in Indian Household Investments in Financial Assets

(Pages 2665-2672)

Ramanadh Kasturi*
College of Economics and Business Administration, University of Technology and Applied Sciences.


Investments result from domestic savings. Institutional and household savings contribute the capital formation, leading to employment and income generation. Household savings contribute more as the segment is a net saver. Examining the trends in household savings and investments provides information on the priorities of house holds and the demand for financial services. This article shows the trends in household savings and investments in various financial assets during 2014-2020, in major financial assets and the reasons for phenomenal changes. As GDP grows, domestic savings, household savings increase. Investment financial assets is comparatively less than in physical assets. This article finds that bank deposits, life insurance and pension funds are amongst the most preferred savings and investments in financial assets. Further the findings also reveal that reforms in pension and insurance sectors have shown positive impact on the household savings and investments.


Domestic Savings, Household Savings, Personal Savings, Household Investments, Financial Assets.

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