Management of Agricultural Production Enterprises in the Globalization of the Economy: Current State and Development Prospects

(Pages 295-303)

Viktoriia Hmyria1,*, Vasyl Baldynyuk2 and Mykhailo Goncharenko3
1Department of Economics, Enterprise and Marketing Cherkasy State Business College, 18000, 243 Vyacheslav Chernovola Str, Cherkasy, Ukraine.
2Department of Administrative Management and Alternative Energy Sources Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, 21100, 3 Sonyachna Str., Vinnytsia, Ukraine.
3Department of Management Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, 03039, 2 Frometivska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine.


The article examines in detail the features of management of agricultural enterprises in the globalization of the economy. The principles and approaches of management of agricultural enterprises are highlighted. The purpose of management of agricultural enterprises is to ensure the most efficient activities with minimal costs of available resources; and reducing the effects of external threats and risks, especially those related to the globalization of Ukraine’s economy. Management uses a wide range of tools and methods, covering, among other things, the use of modern technology and advanced technologies of labor and production, information flows, employee interaction and various functional units. An innovative approach to the management of agricultural enterprises plays an important role, as it is to promote the emergence of entrepreneurial ideas, identify new market needs and the optimal combination of ways and methods to meet them based on non-standard tools, formats and management methods. An effective management system of agricultural enterprises is based on numerous principles, among which the key ones are system, complexity, openness, transparency, flexibility, high adaptability, optimal combination of interests of the enterprise and the interests of regional development and economic development as a whole and other principles. Currently, the most effective management of enterprises contributes to the development of the agricultural market of Ukraine as a whole. The main purpose of using management tools is to ensure maximum efficiency in achieving the goals. An innovative approach to enterprise management is described, which is effective in the context of globalization of the economy and contributes to the strategic development of agricultural enterprises.


Management, Enterprise, Agricultural production, Globalization, Management principles, Development.

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