Marketing the Territory of Tirana City, Albania: Strategies for Economic Development and Tourism Promotion

(Pages 2508-2516)

Azeta Tartaraj1 and Brunela Trebicka2,*
1Department of Marketing, University “Aleksander Moisiu”.
2Department of Statistics and Applied Informatics, University “Aleksander Moisiu”.


Territorial marketing is recognized as a powerful driver of economic development and tourism promotion in cities and regions. By leveraging the unique attributes and resources of a territory, territorial marketing strategies aim to attract businesses, stimulate investments, and enhance the overall competitiveness of a place. This study focuses on exploring the impact of territorial marketing on economic growth and tourism promotion in Tirana City, Albania. The research objectives include examining the relationship between territorial marketing and economic growth, assessing the influence of territorial marketing on tourism promotion, and exploring the role of unique characteristics and attractions in territorial marketing efforts. A mixed-methods approach was employed, combining qualitative interviews with key stakeholders and quantitative analysis of tourism data. The qualitative interviews provided insights into the perceptions and experiences of stakeholders, while the quantitative analysis examined the trends and patterns in tourist arrivals, length of stay, and tourism expenditure. The findings suggest that territorial marketing has a positive impact on economic growth, as evidenced by increased tourist arrivals, longer lengths of stay, and higher tourism expenditure. Moreover, territorial marketing plays a vital role in promoting tourism by showcasing the unique attractions and experiences of Tirana City. Strategic collaborations between public and private sectors, along with the utilization of digital marketing tools, were identified as crucial factors in the success of territorial marketing initiatives. The implications of these findings highlight the significance of effective territorial marketing strategies in driving economic development and shaping the future of Tirana City. These findings contribute to the understanding of how territorial marketing can be harnessed to foster economic growth and tourism promotion in cities and regions.


Marketing, Territory, Tirana City, Economic Development, Tourism Promotion.

JEL Classification:

M31, O18, Z32.

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