Development of the Feed Additives Market in the Context of Food Security

(Pages 2442-2451)

Natalia Trushkina1,*, Liudmyla Hnatyshyn2, Oksana Prokopyshyn2, Oleksandr Likhota3 and Kateryna Pylypenko4
1Research Center for Industrial Problems of Development of the NAS of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
2Department of Accounting and Taxation, Lviv National Environmental University, Lviv, Ukraine.
3The North-Ukrainian Institute of the Private Joint Stock Company "Higher education institution "The Interregional Academy of Personnel Management", Chernihiv, Ukraine.
4Bogdan Khmelnitsky Melitopol State Pedagogical University, Melitopol, Ukraine.


The article describes peculiarities, current trends and regularities of the feed additives market development in Ukraine in the context of ensuring food security of the country. The researchers provide statistical analysis of the main indicators featuring development of the feed additives market in Ukraine. The work presents values of the coefficients of correlation, namely the Pearson correlation coefficient, Spearman's rank correlation coefficient and Fechner correlation coefficient, to identify correlation between the gross added value and agricultural output, volume of produced and sold agricultural products, added value by production costs and amount of capital investments in agriculture. Effective development of the feed additives market in the context of ensuring food security of Ukraine requires a complex of strategic measures applied to improve the technical level of production; introduction of innovative technologies of production; reduction of capital intensity, heat and energy intensity of production; Internet technologies used for automation of the transportation process; development of the algorithms of servicing different categories of consumers and proposals on increase of the level of logistic servicing; determination of the priority directions of ecommerce as an effective tool to promote agricultural products at the foreign markets. The paper presents a conceptual scheme of the measures necessary to ensure effective development of the feed additives market in Ukraine with consideration of the international practice. Implementation of the experience in the practice will contribute to the proper, scientifically substantiated and effective managerial decisions on the strategic directions of the feed additives market development to ensure food security of Ukraine.


Feed additives market, agro-industrial complex, food security, development, sustainable functioning, features, trends, regularities, modelling, statistical methods, economic and mathematical tools, management, organizational and logistic basis.

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