Security Mechanism of Raising the Level of Enterprises Competitiveness

(Pages 2433-2441)

Olha Maletska1,*, Liudmyla Bezuhla2, Olena Bochko3, Nadia Tsitska1 and Liudmyla Bondarenko2
1Department of Accounting and Taxation Lviv National Environmental University, Lviv, Ukraine.
2Department of Tourism and Enterprise Economics, Dnipro University of Technology, Dnipro, Ukraine.
3Department of Marketing and Logistics National University “Lviv Politechnika”, Lviv, Ukraine.


The given article researches the essence of the concept of security mechanism of enterprises competitiveness. The authors arrived at the conclusion that this mechanism foresees the working out of a number of tactical and strategic measures aimed at strengthening the enterprise security, stability and competitiveness with simultaneous minimalization of its economic risks. The research studies dynamics of economic entities according to the type of their economic activity. Formulation of security mechanism of enterprises competitiveness proved to be a complicated and complex task requiring specific approaches, permanent developments and integration of enterprises on different levels. The correct control over security guarantees the enterprise its stability and certainty in competitive environment. It is determined that the security mechanism of an enterprise competitiveness is associated with a comlex of factors able to influence its efficiency and stability in the market. The research paper presented the enterprise security competitiveness integral index which informs about its high or not high potential. In addition, it helps enterprises to work out industrial plans and some measures on strengthening their stability and efficiency in the market. Calculation of integral index of the enterprise competitiveness security gave the opportunity to formulate five groups of directions and to present the matrix named Strategy of Directions (strategy of growth; strategy of diversification; strategy of innovation development; strategy of development according to expences; strategy of development according to diversification; stratergy of international development). The research paper proved that strategies can be interrelated and adapted depending on their specific directions and the enterprise aims. Successful implementation of the suggested strategies of development guarantees permanent competitiveness and efficient functioning of enterprises in the market.


Security mechanism, enterprise compatitiveness, enterprise security competitiveness index, strategies.

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