Formation of the Professional and Pedagogical Image of a University Teacher as a Condition for Education for Sustainable Development

(Pages 2421-2432)

Iryna Koshkalda1,*, Olena Krasovska2, Olha Dankeyeva3, Alona Riasnianska1 and Volodymyr Myroshnychenko4
1Department of Land Management, Geodesy and Cadastre, State Biotechnological University, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
2Department of Marketing, Dnipro University of Technology, Dnipro, Ukraine.
3Department of Social Protection of the Population in the Primorsky District of the Department of Labor and Social Policy of the Odessa City Council, Odessa, Ukraine.
4Department of Law, Berdyansk State Pedagogical University, Berdyansk, Ukraine.


The formation of one's image, the ability to interpret messages, to get to know a person is a task to be solved during the self-education and professional development of a university teacher. Theoretical consideration of the issue of the formation of a teacher's professional and pedagogical image proved the necessity of using self education to train personal and professional abilities and skills, as well as carrying out the necessary specialized activities. The development of imageology as an independent scientific area, the increased interest of various specialists in applied image technologies, the need to train a teacher with a high level of pedagogical competence and culture, and an increase in the social prestige of the teaching profession in modern society led to the emergence of pedagogical imageology, which studies the process of forming a pedagogical image in terms of professional socialization of educators. The effectiveness of the implementation of sustainable pedagogical conditions in the formation of the teacher’s professional and pedagogical image was monitored following the assessment of the development dynamics of three basic criteria indicators for assessing the formation of the professional and pedagogical image, namely, motivational, cognitive, and reflexive.


Professional and pedagogical image, motivational criterion, cognitive criterion, reflexive criterion, formative experiment, ascertaining experiment, motives of pedagogical activity.

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