FinTech and FinTech Ecosystem: A Case of Jordan-based SWOT Analysis

(Pages 2061-2067)

Bassam Abu Karaki1, Omar Al_kasasbeh2,* and Ghaith Alsheikh2
1Economics Department, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University.
2Faculty of Business, Amman Arab University, Jordan.


The modern economy has a lot of new wheels which turn the fortune of the contemporary era. Financial technology is no doubt one of those. The new cashless economy is based on these digital financial services. Jordan is transitioning into a dynamic ecosystem offering Fintech start-ups a platform to grow. Fintech in Jordan is pursuing multiple targets. The traditionally cash-driven Jordanian economy has responded well to the Fintech opportunity, primarily triggered by a surge in e-commerce, and Smartphone penetration. However, Jordan’s growth is still not comparable in scale to its global counterparts but is stacked well, due to a strong talent pipeline in the tech work force. The study on Jordan's FinTech sector was based on the strengths, flaws, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) framework. Hence, adopting an exploratory approach, based on an in-depth literature review, the chapter aims to identify the challenges and deliberate on the outlook for Fintech in Jordan.


Banking, Fintech, financial inclusion, financial crisis.


JEL: G2, G22, G23.

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