The Attractive Determinants of Green Technologies: The Case of The Health Sector in Morocco

(Pages 1759-1774)

Chaimae Ghernouk1, Marouane Mkik2,*, Saad Dalili3, Soukaina Boutaky4, Ali Hebaz5 and Hamza Mchich6
1,3,6Faculty of Economics and Management, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco.
2Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences Souissi, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco.
4,5National School of Commerce and Management Studies, Chouaib Doukkali University, El Jadida, Morocco.


The Green Tech movement appeared fairly recently, in 2014 with the Clean Tech Group in the United States. Today and more than ever, this new discipline has a dominant place on an international scale due to the many issues related to the ecological transition in the various sectors of the economy. The health sector is taking a real place in the implementation of both technological and responsible practices, but its nature of endorsing this performance generates other factors that can be as strong and relevant implicit determinants. To this end, the research problem is as follows: what are the attractive determinants of green-technology in the Moroccan health sector? Based on the literature review, the working methodology focuses on a mixed approach, a first qualitative (exploratory) and a second quantitative (confirmatory). The first is aimed at professionals through the interview guide which was addressed to the managers of three private clinics (20 managers). The confirmatory approach is based on a questionnaire answered by the patients of the private clinics mentioned in the qualitative study (60 responses). From the use of several explanatory variables presenting the attractive determinants of green-technology, it was deduced that the most significant variables of the literature review are those that posit the acceptance of green technology (UTAUT model) as a multifactorial dimension of explanation of green- technology. The results of this research show through a principal component analysis (structural equations) that the variables qualified as determinants of the attractiveness of green technology are: eco-design and eco-consumption, so the acceptance of green technology is practically achievable with the level of education and years of experience.


Green technology, Health sector, Eco-design, Eco-labelling, Eco-consumption.

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G02, I22, P34.

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