The Role of State Regulation in the Development of the Hospitality Industry: the Experience of the EU and America

(Pages 1506-1512)

Yevhen Kozlovskyi1,*, Andrii Beliak1, Oleksandr Zarakhovskyi1, Maryna Bratitsel1, Kseniia Prykhodko1, Valerii Osiievskyi1
1Department of Hotel-Restaurant and Tourism Business, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine.


The article explores the fundamental principles of state regulation, including the achievement of sustainable development goals, the improvement of cultural infrastructure, and the fostering of tourism market growth. A key research focus lies in examining the theoretical aspects and methodological principles of state regulation, as well as their utilization to enhance the quality of the hospitality industry. The author delves into the basic principles of state regulation specific to the hospitality sector, identifies key tasks within this domain, and proposes potential measures for optimization. Notably, the study utilizes analytical research tools to investigate the practical implementation of state regulation in the hospitality sector and identifies areas for potential improvement. The article examines the involvement of international organizations and associations in the process of state regulation within the hospitality sector. It highlights the importance of considering global economic and political instabilities when exploring the future development and implementation methodologies of state regulation. The findings of this study hold potential value for conducting further analytical research and can serve as a practical resource for public administration bodies involved in the regulation of the hospitality industry.


Hospitality industry, International organizations, Public administration, Regulatory policy, State regulation, Tourism sector.

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