Mechanisms of Managing Social Development in the Conditions of War in Ukraine

(Pages 1466-1471)

Valerii Morgun1, Nataliia Didyk2, Oksana Zhuk3, Oksana Silvestrova3 and Tetiana Koretska3
1Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2Mykola Pyrogov Vinnytsia Regional Hospital, Administration Vinnytsia Academy of Continuing Education, Vinnytsia, Ukraine.
3Lutsk National Technical University, Lutsk, Ukraine.


The rationale for a management decision aimed at social development should be based on the results of a formalized description of the behavior of the modeled process or phenomenon. It is necessary to identify the optimal behavior of the modeling object, which can be based on the conditions of implementing the optimal strategy of the enterprise's behavior depending on the market conditions and labor activity of employees. Thus, the management decision aimed at the social development of the enterprise should be justified from the perspective of financial support and consider the interests of both the employer and the hired employees. Considering that in economic conditions, industrial enterprises should not only make financial incentive payments to personnel from profits, it is necessary to justify the need and possibility of rewarding employees for quality work. Therefore, developing an optimal strategy of enterprise behavior in the person of the administration, based on calculating the prices of pure strategies and optimizing their frequency of alternation, will allow for determining the enterprise's costs for providing social benefits and services to employees. In this case, management decisions aimed at encouraging employees are justified from the perspective of the financial resources of the enterprise, and staff motivation can improve through the effective work of the enterprise's personnel. Thus, in authors’ opinion, the main task of the social development of the organization is the optimization of the processes of social development and, as a result, the implementation of the social development plan of the enterprise in the form of a social passport, which, on the one hand, should be detailed enough to timely anticipate and solve emerging problems, as well as to coordinate the efforts of various departments and specialists. On the other hand, the organizations' social development plan should be flexible enough to allow managers to respond to unexpected disruptions from the external environment.


Economic management, Economy, Project economy, Public administration, Social sector.

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