Application and Trends in Information Management System using Artificial Intelligence

(Pages 1063-1068)

Abdulnaser S. H. Al-MSloum*
University of Jeddah, “College of Business -Al-kamil Branch”, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


In the information era, the generation of data is attained from the diverse resources and the growth of technology has witnessed the data generation. The information acquired from diverse resource provide assistance in further decision making. Depends on the nature and quality of information, the acquired information is processed and the needed aspects are taken from the processed data. The processed data gives significant information, which makes the business and other industry to make effective decision. The proficient decisions are achieved by diverse approaches namely artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The AIbased techniques process the information to acquire the needed insights and it also manages the information proficiently. The diverse source of data generation has different structure of data format that is complicated to handle and manage. To meet all these necessities, AI based approaches are initiated by the researchers. In this paper, AI based information management approaches and their application is diverse field is given. Also, comprehensive analysis of information management system by various author is reviewed.


Artificial Intelligence, information management, decision making, IoT, B2B and big data.

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