The Effect of Service Quality on Student Satisfaction in Higher Education Service

(Pages 851-856)

Salma Hussein1 and Anton Abdulbasah Kamil2,*
1Business Department, Istanbul Gelisim University, Istanbul, Turkey.
2Istanbul Nisantasi University, Istanbul, Turkey.


The purpose of this paper is to evaluate and analyze the strategies and influences of perceived service quality, perceived value, and image on foreign student satisfaction, how to increase it, and the consequences of foreign student satisfaction in private and public universities. The survey data on bachelor's, master's, and PhD college students in higher education, Structural Equation Modeling was used, and the result showed that there is a positive and significant effect of university image on student satisfaction in higher educational institutions, which means that the university image plays a vital role in fulfilling student satisfaction, so the higher educational institution should focus on it as it will be an important tool in the competition with the other institutions.


Education, Higher education, Service quality, Value, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Quality, Image.

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