Recreational Opportunities through Agritourism Increases Relationships within Urban and Rural Communities in Western Balkan Societies

(Pages 283-287)

Ermir Shahini1,*, Eugen Skuraj2, Fatbardh Sallaku2 and Shpend Shahini3
1Lecturer at the Economic Science Department, Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës, Durres, Albania.
2Lecturer at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania.
3Lecturer at the Department of Plant Protection, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania.


To achieve more economic diversification, the rural people are increasingly turning to tourism to supplement their incomes. This article examines rural agritourism in Western Balkan countries, emphasizing the management of structures and the diversification of services. A questionnaire survey was conducted with owners and managers of rural agritourism facilities in the Balkan countries, and the results were compiled into the final report. Rural agritourism is the principal activity for most of the questioned operators. Visitors are drawn to the region by the local cuisine and beverages, the many services available, the natural surroundings, and the beauty of the scenery. These are also the kind of resources that might be employed in the future to develop rural tourist activities. Agriculture based rural tourism institutions offer a diverse variety of goods and services such as lodging and food, recreational activities, and the planning of festivals, particularly during the summer months. The majority of them provide cuisine that is characteristic of the area. They promote their products and services using a variety of channels and methods, including the internet, billboards, and advertising, but they also depend on client referrals. Balkan countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina have tremendous potential for growing rural tourism, which may open up new doors of opportunity for the country’s rural districts, but this potential has gone mostly untapped. For rural tourism to reach its full potential, the public’s support is essential. We will analyze the relationships agritourists have built-in both rural and urban setups using the data.


Agritourism; Agriculture; Relationships; Urban and Rural; Western Balkan Societies Education.

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Q18, Z32.

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