The role of Creative Potential in the Project Management Process for the Implementation of the Company's Strategies

(Pages 255-262)

Maryna Korsunska1,*, Veronika Butorina2, Kamran Abdullayev3, Yuriy Kravtsov4 and Lesia Ustymenko5
1Department of Management and Logistics, National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic”, Poltava, Ukraine.
2Department of Economics of Enterprise, Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohiienko National University, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine.
3Department of Economy of Service Sphere, Institute of Economics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan.
4Department of Sociology, Dniprovsky State Technical University, Kamianske, Ukraine.
5Department of Hotel and Restaurant, and Tourist Business, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine.


This scientific study considers the issues of assessing the role of creative potential in the project management process to implement company strategies. The relevance of the subject matter is determined by the need to introduce creative solutions to improve the quality of company management in the context of implementing the selected management strategies. The purpose of this study is to determine the role of the company's creative potential upon managing the company's projects and expanding the potential opportunities for the implementation of its development strategy. The leading approach in this study is a combination of analytical and logical research methods of the subject matter. Identifying the role of creative potential in the functioning of a company, regardless of its sector, and setting the main aspects of innovative activity within the company in implementing creative solutions in its operation, constitutes the main results obtained in this study. Possibilities for further studies in this area are necessitating for in-depth researching options and prospects of introducing innovative solutions into the management processes of various companies, regardless of their sector, in the same way as studying the influence of such creative potential on companies growth and their transition to a new level of development strategy.


innovative activity, organisational innovations, management, creative approach, team.

JEL Codes:

78, L10, M11.

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