General Principles of Good Governance in Relocating Street Vendors

(Pages 1358-1363)

Muhammad Dzikirullah H. Noho1, Budi Santoso2, Paramita Prananingtyas3, Aga Natalis2,*
1Universitas Diponegoro and Universitas Hasyim As’yari Tebuireng, Indonesia.
2Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia.


As a result of the narrowing of employment opportunities in the formal sector so that some people turn to the informal sector for their survival, one of them is street vendors. This research method uses empirical juridical with a sociolegal approach which analyzes the law from a social perspective. The results of this study found that there were many problems in several areas, both in the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Sidoarjo, and Makassar. These problems arise because street vendors insist on maintaining the location where they sell, the government in relocation does not follow the steps that must be passed, and the needs of urban communities who live in urban areas. The general principles of good government in providing certainty and justice for street vendors are fundamental. The implementation of sound general principles needs to be used in the relocation of street vendors by the Government, namely the principle of accuracy, the principle of not abusing authority, and the principle of public interest.


Government Administration; Street vendors; General Principles of Good Governance.

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G18; K00; K23;

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