Accounting and Control Support for the Management of Employee Benefits in the Public Sector

(Pages 1196-1205)

Daria Novokreshchenova*, Bohdan Zasadnyi and Iryna Skliaruk
Department of Accounting and Audit, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine.


The relevance of scientific research is determined by the need in finding ways to increase the minimum salary, improve approaches to its taxation, accounting, and enhance control over the payment of employees. The purpose of the work is to analyse the state of payments to employees and compare it with the amount of salaries in other countries of the world, to provide suggestions for reducing discrepancies between Ukrainian and international standards for accounting for payments, as well as to improve control over the calculation and payment of salaries in the public sector. The basis of the methodological approach consists of statistical analysis, the method of analogy, the graphic method, and a generalisation method. Those methods were utilised to study the state of the salary fund in the public sector of Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Poland as well as for investigating the structure of payments. The major results of this study should be considered the development of suggestions on ways to increase the minimum salary, the definition of the structure of payments to employees in the national accounting standard in accordance with the international one, and the areas in which the control of compliance with the labor legislation should be improved. The results and formulated conclusions of the scientific work have practical significance for managers and chief accountants of government-financed organisations during the formation of accounting policy and management of the financial state of the institution, as well as for controlling bodies when checking the calculation and payment of salaries.


Salary; International Standards; Institutions; Internal Audit; Long-Term Liabilities.

JEL Codes:

H61, M40, J3.

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