Financial Structure Effects on Jordanian Banks Tobin's Q

(Pages 35-41)

Sanaa. N. Maswadeh*
Jadara University, Irbid, Jordan.


This study aims to investigate the effect of the ownership structure includes(institutional, government, foreign, managerial, and concentration ownership) which is considered as one of the institutional governance tools, on the financial performance of Jordanian commercial banks as measured in Tobin’s Q. The study population consisted of all Jordanian commercial banks listed at the Amman Stock Exchange. Hypotheses of the study were tested using the multiple regression models. Among the most prominent findings of the study are a significant positive effect of institutional and concentration ownership on Tobin’s Q, while managerial ownership affected negatively on Tobin’s Q. Moreover, there was no effect of government and foreign ownership on Jordanian Banks Tobin's Q.


Concentration ownership, foreign ownership, Government ownership, Institutional ownership, Managerial ownership.

JEL Classification:

Q21, G32, M41

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