Why do People Refuse Entrepreneurship and How to Improve Entrepreneurial Education?

(Pages 29-34)

Fernando C. Gaspar1,* and Fernando M. Mota2
1I. Politécnico de Santarém, Portugal.
2Dynamic Network XXI, Portugal.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.55365/1923.x2021.19.04


The purpose of this paper is to measure entrepreneurial intentions with a clear timeframe for the intended behavior, thus going beyond a simple measure of attitude. It then looks at those who refuse the idea of becoming entrepreneurs to understand why

This is something the literature on entrepreneurship has ignored so far.
Samples were collected in 2018 from final year university students in Portugal.

Data shows that trusting one’s own skills, valuing own job creation, valuing being one’s own boss and valuing the independence associated with being an entrepreneur does contribute to student’s willingness to become entrepreneurs. The results provide some important lessons for entrepreneurial education programs, as people who say no to entrepreneurship:

   › are less motivated to career factors and more worried about life quality factors;
   › see harder obstacles to creating startups;
   › trust less in their entrepreneurial skills.

Implications for theory and practice are proposed, as these results can be used to improve entrepreneurial education. This new view on potential entrepreneurs’ individual choices is presented as an advancement to the theory and to our present understanding of entrepreneurship.


Motivations, Abilities, Obstacles, Entrepreneurial Intentions, Non-entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial Education.

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