e-Payment System Drive Thailand to Be a Cashless Society

(Pages 87-91)

Somkid Yakean*
School of Business and Communication Arts, University of Phayao,
Phayao, Thailand
DOI: https://doi.org/10.55365/1923.x2020.18.10


Thailand has to go for a cashless society because to change ourselves or our-system, it is nature. This article explains how the e-Payment system drives Thailand to be a cashless society. e-Payment system plays a crucial role in driving Thailand to be a cashless society. This system supports the financial transactions for public and private sectors to be more efficient, transparent, safe, and low-cost. It also supports the growth of SMEs, e-commerce, and large businesses. All e-payment system transactions are executed electronically rather than using cash and cheque. The e-Payment system consists of a credit card, ATM card, direct debit, Internet/mobile banking, e-Wallet, PromptPay, and QR code. The PromptPay and QR code are the mainly e-Payment system that drives Thailand to be a cashless society. Finally, Thailand will be a cashless society in which they improve infrastructure and educate people on the benefits and how are merit of the e-Payment system.


Cashless, e-Payment, PromptPay, QR Code, Payment System.

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